Urban Physics Autumn School 2017

An international specialised workshop for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

22-28 October 2017, Halkidiki, Greece

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Urban physics is the science and engineering of physical processes in urban areas. It basically refers to the transfer of heat and mass in the outdoor and indoor urban environment, and its interaction with humans, fauna, flora and materials. Urban physics is a rapidly increasing focus area as it is key to understanding and addressing the grand societal challenges – energy, climate and health. In urban areas, these challenges are strongly inter-related and can be amplified. Therefore, urban physics will play an increasingly important role in the development of future smart cities.

The Urban Physics Autumn School 2017 (UPAS2017) provides innovative and in-depth lectures from top researchers from across the world covering highly actual topics from urban wind energy over urban microclimate to building and district energy simulations with particular links to the development of future smart cities.

UPAS2017 is organized by the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) in a collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Cyprus. It follows the previous successful Urban Physics Schools organized in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

UPAS2017 is organized in the spirit of the European COST Action TU1304 “Wind energy technology reconsideration to enhance the concept of smart cities (WINERCOST)” chaired by Prof. Charalampos Baniotopoulos and Prof. Claudio Borri (www.winercost.com). Dr. Hassan Hemida, the Chair of the WINERCOST WG1 will provide the lectures on Wind Energy at UPAS2017, and Prof. Bert Blocken, the Co-Chair of the WINERCOST WG1, is the lead organizer of UPAS2017.