Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Neophytou

Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
School of Engineering
University of Cyprus, CYPRUS


Urban-scale thermofluid dynamics, air pollution dispersion, turbulence, field and laboratory measurements

Key Publications

Mouzourides K, Kumar P, Neophytou M. 2015. Assessment of long-term measurements of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in South-East Mediterranean. Atmospheric Environment 107: 148-165.

Kakoniti A, Gergoria G, Marakkos K, Kumar P, Neophytou M. 2015. The role of materials selection in the urban heat island effect in dry mid-latitude climates. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 16(2): 347-371.

Neophytou M, Markides CN, Fokaides PA. 2014. An experimental study of the flow through and over two dimensional rectangular roughness elements: Deductions for urban boundary layer parameterizations and exchange processes. Physics of Fluids 26: 1-20.

Neophytou M, Gowardan A, Brown M, 2011. An inter-comparison of three urban wind models using the Oklahoma City Joint Urban 2003 wind field measurements. International Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 99(4): 357-368.

Neophytou M, Goussis DA, Van Loon M, Mastorakos E. 2004. Reduced chemical mechanisms for atmospheric pollution using Computational Singular Perturbation analysis. Atmospheric Environment 38: 3661–3673.