Dr. Jonas Allegrini

Laboratory of Multiscale Studies in Building Physics

ETH Zürich
Chair of Building Physics
Hönggerberg, SWITZERLAND


Urban climate research, urban physics, multiscale modelling

Key Publications

Allegrini J, Dorer V, Carmeliet J. 2014. Buoyant flows in street canyons: Validation of CFD simulations with wind tunnel measurements. Building and Environment. 72: 63–74.

Allegrini J, Dorer V, Carmeliet J. 2013. Wind tunnel measurements of buoyant flows in street canyons. Building and Environment. 59: 315–326.

Allegrini J, Dorer V, Carmeliet J. 2012a. Influence of the urban microclimate in street canyons on the energy demand for space cooling and heating of buildings. Energy and Buildings 55: 823–832.

Allegrini J, Dorer V, Carmeliet J. 2012b. Analysis of convective heat transfer at building facades in street canyons and its influence on the predictions of space cooling demand in buildings. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 104: 464–473.

Allegrini J, Orehounig K, Mavromatidis G, Ruesch F, Dorer V, Evins R. 2015. A review of modelling approaches and tools for the simulation of district-scale energy systems. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 52: 1391–1404.