Prof. Dr. Bert Blocken

Building Physics & Urban Physics
Department of the Built Environment
Eindhoven University of Technology, THE NETHERLANDS

Building Physics Section
Department of Civil Engineering


Urban physics, CFD, wind engineering, sports aerodynamics

Key Publications

Blocken B, Stathopoulos T, Carmeliet J. 2007. CFD simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer: wall function problems. Atmospheric Environment 41(2): 238-252.

van Hooff T, Blocken B. 2010. Coupled urban wind flow and indoor natural ventilation modelling on a high-resolution grid: A case study for the Amsterdam ArenA stadium. Environmental Modelling & Software 25(1): 51-65.

Montazeri H, Blocken B. 2013. CFD simulation of wind-induced pressure coefficients on buildings with and without balconies: validation and sensitivity analysis. Building and Environment 60: 137-149

Blocken B. 2014. 50 years of Computational Wind Engineering: Past, present and future. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 129: 69-102.

Blocken B. 2015. Computational Fluid Dynamics for Urban Physics: Importance, scales, possibilities, limitations and ten tips and tricks towards accurate and reliable simulations. Building and Environment 91: 219-245.