Prof. Dr. Darren Robinson

Sheffield School of Architecture
The University of Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM


Urban scale energy and environmental performance modelling, modelling of inhabitants’ comfort and behaviours

Key Publications

Robinson D, Stone A, 2004. Solar radiation modelling in the urban context. Solar Energy 77: 295–309.

Robinson D, Campbell N, Gaiser W, Kabel K, Le-Mouel A, Morel N, Page J, Stankovic S, Stone A. 2007. SUNtool – A new modelling paradigm for simulating and optimising urban sustainability. Solar Energy 81: 1196–1211.

Robinson D. 2006. Urban morphology and indicators of radiation availability. Solar Energy 80: 1643–1648.

Robinson D, Stone A. 2005. A simplified radiosity algorithm for general urban radiation exchange. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 26: 271–284.

Robinson D, Stone A. 2006. Internal illumination prediction based on a simplified radiosity algorithm. Solar Energy 80: 260–267.