Prof. Dr. Dirk Saelens

Building Physics Section
Department of Civil Engineering


Energy performance of buildings, advanced climatisation of buildings, coupling of building components and HVAC-systems, thermal comfort, indoor air quality

Key Publications

Saelens D, Carmeliet J, Hens H. 2003. Energy performance assessment of multiple-skin facades. HVAC and R Research 9: 167–185.

Saelens D, Hens H. 2001. Experimental evaluation of airflow in naturally ventilated active envelopes. Journal of Thermal Envelope and Building Science 25: 101–127.

Saelens D, Parys W, Baetens R. 2011. Energy and comfort performance of thermally activated building systems including occupant behavior. Building and Environment 46: 835–848.

Saelens D, Roels S, Hens H. 2008. Strategies to improve the energy performance of multiple-skin facades. Building and Environment 43: 638–650.

Saelens D, Roels S, Hens H. 2004. The inlet temperature as a boundary condition for multiple-skin facade modelling. Energy and Buildings 36: 825–835.