Prof. Dr. Jan Carmeliet

ETH Zürich
Chair of Building Physics
Hönggerberg, SWITZERLAND

Laboratory of Multiscale Studies in Building Physics


Multiscale behaviour of porous and granular materials, heat-air-moisture flow in the urban environment and energy systems at building and urban scale

Key Publications

Blocken B, Stathopoulos T, Carmeliet J, Hensen JLM. 2011. Application of computational fluid dynamics in building performance simulation for the outdoor environment: An overview. Journal of Building Performance Simulation 4(2): 157-184.

Moonen P, Defraeye T, Dorer V, Blocken B, Carmeliet J. 2012. Urban Physics: Effect of the micro-climate on comfort, health and energy demand. Frontiers of Architectural Research 1(3): 197–228

Defraeye T, Blocken B, Carmeliet J. 2010. CFD analysis of convective heat transfer at the surfaces of a cube immersed in a turbulent boundary layer. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 53(1-3): 297-308.

Blocken B, Defraeye T, Derome D, Carmeliet J. 2009. High-resolution CFD simulations for forced convective heat transfer coefficients at the facade of a low-rise building. Building and Environment 44(12): 2396–2412.

Defraeye T, Blocken B, Carmeliet J. 2011. Convective heat transfer coefficients for exterior building surfaces: Existing correlations and CFD modelling. Energy Conversion and Management 52(1): 512–522.