Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Tominaga

Department of Architecture and Building Engineering
Niigata Institute of Technology, JAPAN


Architectural and environmental wind engineering, snow engineering

Key Publications

Tominaga Y, Mochida A, Yoshie R, Kataoka H, Nozu T, Yoshikawa M, Shirasawa T. 2008b. AIJ guidelines for practical applications of CFD to pedestrian wind environment around buildings. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 96: 1749–1761.

Tominaga Y, Stathopoulos T. 2013. CFD simulation of near-field pollutant dispersion in the urban environment: A review of current modeling techniques. Atmospheric Environment 79: 716–730.

Tominaga Y, Stathopoulos T. 2007. Turbulent Schmidt numbers for CFD analysis with various types of flowfield. Atmospheric Environment 41: 8091–8099.

Tominaga Y, Mochida A, Murakami S, Sawaki S. 2008a. Comparison of various revised k-ε models and LES applied to flow around a high-rise building model with 1:1:2 shape placed within the surface boundary layer. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 96: 389–411.

Tominaga Y, Stathopoulos T. 2010. Numerical simulation of dispersion around an isolated cubic building: Model evaluation of RANS and LES. Building and Environment 45: 2231–2239.